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Design & scale model for SUPACAT @ DSEi Exhibition

Design & scale model for SUPACAT @ DSEi Exhibition

Thu 10th September 2009

The SHADO design team have been responsible for creating design themes, ALIAS models of the new...

Clay model development - 1st viewing 92.10

1995 Rolls Royce Silver Spur / Bentley Mulsanne

With the replacement car under development, during the November of 1992, the existing Silver Spur and Mulsanne models were refreshed with a facelifted design, which was launched around 2 years later.

This upgraded design featured a shallower proportion to the front radiator grille (and a scaled down ‘Flying Lady’ to balance with the new proportions), and new moulded bumpers front and rear.

These were finished off with large chrome cappings, which helped ‘disguise’ the dimensional inaccuracies of the near ‘handmade’ metal body of the car.